People have been arguing about what real worship is for 1,000’s of years. But, ironically the Bible is very clear on the subject. Join us as we finish up our series on Psalms and learn how God wants us to actually worship Him!

Worship! Psalm 148-150 Bible Study

  1. Who should worship God? - Everything and Everybody! (Psalm 148:1-4 & 7-12, Psalm 150:6)
  2. How should God be worshiped?
    1. Write and sing new songs about what God has done, is doing and is going to do! (Psalm 149:1)
    2. Share the Word of God with others! (149:6-8)
    3. Praise the Lord with actions and sounds of celebration! (149:3, 150:3-5)
  3. Why should God be worshiped? (Psalm 148:5-6; 13-14; 149:2; 4-5, 150:1-2)


Is your worship a religious act to build you up and/or make you feel holy or is it a response to know and love God because of His glory and grace? It is an act of faith (a response to God) or religion (a performance for God)!

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