Venture Theology Series

The Difference

What do we have in common with other Christian denominations and what makes us different?

Christian Denominational Differences

What’s the Difference?

Over 200 different groups claim to be denominations of the Christian faith in the United States. With that much division, can there be any wonder why non-Christians and skeptics question the sincerity and legitimacy of Christianity?

Why are Christians so divided? Why can’t all those who claim to be Christian worship and labor together? Specifically, and more to the point, why is Venture Church in the Christian “tent” or “tribe” that it’s in? Why does Venture generally identify with Reformed Baptist Christianity instead of Roman Catholicism, the Charismatic Movement, Presbyterianism, Methodism, etc.?

The purpose of the blog posts on this page is to help Venture understand what we have in common with other major Christian denominations or groups, what makes us different, and more importantly, why. It’s written to help you understand why we are certain things while not being other things.

The blogs being on this page are not written to help you win an argument! The need to win “the argument” is nothing more than a reflection of our lack of faith in the sovereignty of God, our spiritual immaturity, and our inherent desire to be lifted above others (AKA sin!).

They exist to help you understand why we believe what we believe, and consequently, why we disagree with some of the things other Christians believe.

They are here to help you understand what we believe are the correct and essential doctrines for having a Biblically sound and spiritually healthy walk with Christ.

They are here to help you truly love and get along with Christians in other groups while humbly and informatively “agreeing to disagree” on matters we believe are essential for correctly understanding and experiencing the amazing eternal life we have in Christ!

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