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Right from Wrong

The Gospel’s Clarity on What Christians are Supposed to Do

The book of Romans totally wrecks the idea that religion can work. It even trashes the idea that the Law of Moses can work! But does that mean God has no law? Does that mean that God has no instructions for us; that he has no expectations of us; or that there are literally no rules?

The answer is absolutely not!

Before Moses, God had a law, and after the death and resurrection of Christ that law has been made more clear than ever before! Some call it the Law of Christ and others call it the Law of Love, but no matter what you call it, it’s the Gospel that provides the clarity for what we as Christians are supposed to do.

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August 25, 2019
How do we serve, love, and work together with other Christians that we disagree with?
Ever argued about whether its ok to have a glass of wine, cut your grass on Sunday or take your kids trick-or-treating? How do we resolve these debates?
The Gospel frees God’s people from the Law of Moses, but it points us to an even greater law of love!
Should Christians honor a government that doesn't honor God? How to do we respond to those with political ideologies that oppose our values.
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