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Be A Slave of Christ! Live under the authority of the master who is actually over you – Christ! (6:12-18) Don’t submit yourself to the reign of sin that has…

Know Who You Are

March 17, 2019
As one who claims to be a Christian what is your attitude towards your own sin? Know Who You Are Our past identity is destroyed! - Our identity as a…

The Contrasting Sides

March 10, 2019
A bridge forms a connection between two different places and its why understanding where the bridge of Christ’s Grace takes us is so life changing! The Contrasting Sides - Eternal…

Christ Died for Us

March 3, 2019
If you've ever felt unworthy of God's love, this message is for you. Associate Pastor Jonathan Pugh shows how God's love is greater than any sin, stain, or scars our…