Learn the Story of Redemption

Have you ever wanted grasp the overarching story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation? Bible storytelling help you share the Gospel with you kids, your co-workers, and your friends in an engaging, connective way.

Follow the redemptive thread of Christ from creation through Cain & Able, Noah, Abraham & his descendants.

In ten classes you will understand how the Passover, the law and other Jewish feasts foreshadowed Jesus and how our Savior fulfilled everything!

Just as the Old Testament points toward Jesus in the New Tesament, the New Testament also points back affirming everything given by Moses and the prophets. Itʼs an amazing story!

This class will meet virtually in Zoom small groups beginning April 30 at 8:00. It will meet once a week for approximately one hour. To sign up, contact Betsy Dellinger (betsyc@precisepower.com) or Kelly Eaker (Kelly.allen.rn.pharmd@gmail.com). They will share with you the materials that you will need for the class.

What is Bible Storytelling?

Jesus told the Jewish leaders in John 5 that if they believed Moses (Old Testament) they would believe Jesus. He was the subject of Mosesʼ writing! What?!?

Bible storytelling demonstrates how Jesus was the subject of the entire Old Testament and the plan of redemption from before creation. Through storying, Jesus is revealed and the Old Testament and the New Testament are seen as one continuous, amazing story of Christ our Savior.

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