Venture Church is offering our first-ever online class. Interpreting the Bible is a 13-lesson course available for free on Google Classroom.

Learn Key Strategies for Accurately Interpreting the Bible

Have you ever found the Bible hard to understand? Do you have a question about a passage of Scripture that has been hard to answer?

We want you to learn how to answer your own hard questions about the Bible.

During the course, you will learn important guidelines for interpreting the Bible based on historical context and how passages relate to other scriptures.

Go at Your Own Pace

Instructor Jonathan Pugh will add new lectures each Tuesday by 6pm. You can watch the lectures, participate in the discussion and study on your own throughout the week.

During the course, you will write a paper answering a specific question you have about a passage in the Bible.

The final class of the original 13 weeks will meet live to discuss your results.

Lessons will remain online for anyone to take the course at their own pace in the future.

Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone interested in learning the process of accurately interpreting scripture. It is especially valuable for people who may sense a call for God to someday use them to teach His Word to others.

How to Join the Class

Visit Click on the plus symbol and enter classroom code adpvyi6 to join.

New lectures will be added by 6pm each Tuesday. The final class of the original timeline will meet live to discuss your results.

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