These are only intended to give the architects an idea of what we envision.  Also note that floor plans for the Pre-K/After School/Summer Day Care area are tremendously dictated by government regulations.

Well, if you haven’t heard, Venture has entered into a contract to purchase a 51,000 square foot building and 12 acres of land in Dallas, NC.  The address is 800 East Main Street but the property also borders New Hope Road.  You can view the “For Sale” sign advertising part of property from New Hope Road directly across from Fat Back’s Tire and Auto.  All the details are below but in short we need to raise $150,000 as soon as possible!   To do this Roger Self gave a challenge to the entire church Sunday to see if 150 people would step up and give at least $1,000 dollars … and folks …people are already on the move getting it done!

Below is an overview of the proposal.  It is important that we all understand what’s going on so I challenge each of you to read it carefully.  If you have questions feel free to contact my office or any of our trustees.   You can also hear the entire presentation we made Sunday by clicking the media link.

What is the reason for purchasing this building and property?

About three years ago we put forward a vision to get radical with what we are doing to impact this region for Christ.  We said we needed to be functioning as a ministry in a way that a person who knows nothing about the Gospel would be fully convinced this church loves them.  If this region is going to believe us when we say God loves them, then they must first be convinced that we do!

About 18 months ago we pushed that vision to the next level and stated we needed to get our weekday ministries moved into Dallas.  We are greatly limited at the Hardin location both by the available space, type of space and location to where most people live.  In addition, we felt there was no need to re-invent the wheel to impact some of the big needs of our region.  Instead we said we needed to find non-profit groups that were truly getting it done and partner up with them – get a place to put us all under one roof and get moving to turn Dallas upside down for Christ!

We wanted to maximize our ability to reach Middle School and High School students throughout the week, serve parents with affordable Christian based day care programing, etc.  In addition, we wanted to find a facility close enough to Southeast Dallas that we could offer the much needed programs that would ramp up our vision to revitalize that entire neighborhood.

The property we proposed to the church Sunday will allow us to meet all our ministry goals for the Dallas area and bring in 3 non-profit groups to partner with us to help us get that done.  The idea is to house them at no cost and to equip people in Venture to be able to volunteer with their ministries.  This will enable their fund raising efforts to go directly to the staff and programs they need to impact this region and not have to worry about a place to do it.

The following are the three non-profits we introduced Sunday as partners for our Dallas venture.

  • Crisis Pregnancy Center (helps encourage mothers to choose life over abortion and also helps mothers with training, food, clothing, counseling, etc.)  We currently have a group of woman from Venture who have been through their training and are serving in their Gastonia location…they can’t wait to get one in Dallas!
  • Brilliant Minds (works with at risk/high risk children).  We watched them this summer and were blown away at what they do!)
  • Dallas/High Shoals Ministry (works with those in finical crisis).  This ministry has a great reputation for what they do.  They are supported by a variety of churches from numerous denominations.

We want to continue to lease a place to worship as long as possible.  It is terribly expensive to build an auditorium that only gets used one morning a week!  We would much rather spend the money God gives us on things that change lives Monday through Friday!

However, if the School System no longer wants to lease us a building and there is no other space available, then we could feasibly be forced to build something.  The land associated with this purchase would be more than sufficient to accomplish this.

How much does it cost and how do we pay for it?

The 12 acres of land and the 51,000 square foot building will cost $860,000.   Again, a study of the average cost of land that has sold or is selling up and down that section of New Hope Road shows us this is an incredible offer!

To make this purchase Venture must pay the seller $5,000 down and $125,000 at closing and he will finance the remaining $730,000 at 7% interest on a 20 year amortization schedule with a 3 year balloon payment and a 1 year option to renew/extend. At the end of our agreement with him we would either have to refinance through a different entity or simply pay off the seller.

The fact of the matter is we will likely have to refinance early in order to get the cash needed to build out the internal parts of the building that will be needed.  We are hard at work to develop a plan to complete the project.  Everybody would love to do it all at once but there is no reason why we have to.  More on that as we move along.

For those that are new: we don’t have a budget (that’s what you do with money you have!) we have a spending plan (what we plan to do with money when we get it!). Tier 1 is the first level.  As giving goes up each week we get to move into those items and programs in Tier 2, then Tier 3, etc.

In our 2011 Spending Plan we had allotted for a new Associate Pastor to be hired.  It was set as a Tier 1 expense.   Interestingly, the man we were recruiting for this position called us and said he and his family absolutely wanted to be here but for some reason felt God telling them the timing wasn’t right.  Just a few days later we were contacted about this building and land.

The monthly payment needed to purchase the building and land is just short of what it was going to cost us to hire this new staff member. In other words, since January 1st this church has giving at a level that puts the money in our spending plan to make the monthly payment for this building! How cool is that!  As long as we don’t drop below our Tier 1 need we can make the monthly payment!

What has to happen first?

We need to raise $150,000 in a hurry!

We need $125,000 for the down payment and we have been told to set aside $25,000 to get all the preliminary work done with architects, etc.  We have a 45 day due diligence period that started Wednesday when the seller got the contract and our $5,000 check.  We then have 30 days after that to close!

$150,000 may seems like a TON of money to get in less than 70 days but it’s actually very easy.  There are over 600 people regularly attending Venture Worship Gatherings each week.  There are over 1,000 people involved with this ministry on a monthly basis.  All we need is 150 people to donate $1,000 each and we are off and running.

What’s awesome is that it’s already happening. Numerous people have already contacted us and committed to do it and some have already brought their checks! For some there is no way you can give $1,000 for others, God is going to lead you to give $10,000 or more, what’s important is that we ALL seek God for how He wants us to give and then obey Him!

Pray!   Guys we stand on the verge of doing something that has never been seen in this area and I believe God is going to open doors for this church to get it done.  God may send a church to purchase our current building in Hardin, God may lead you to make a serious sacrifice that is going to strap you and your family to get it done (Keri and I call it Rice and Bean time…and we are looking forward to it so that we can give all we can), God may provide a new job for some that opens a whole new financial door for them….who knows…but we do know is that we all need to be praying for God to lead us and to give us the Faith to obey whatever he puts on hearts to do.  We all need to pray that we as a church can live our lives so passionately for Him that the world has no question in their mind how awesome the God is that we serve!  We need to pray that He will so move in and through us that the fool walking down the street will know it was God who unleashed this Body to go change the world!

Finally, before we can go to closing the church will make a final vote on the proposal; however, the biggest vote is going to be with our offering.  Sunday people were absolutely pumped about what we are proposing and voted unanimously for the trustees to continue moving forward with this project.  However, the real vote is going to be in how we give.  We have to raise this money to make this happen and I’m confident God is going to get it done through each of us!

I’m so honored to be the lead pastor of a church that has no allegiance to buildings, traditions or religion…just a passion to know God and change the world.  I feel God has given me the opportunity to lead a bunch of people that are going to change the world…to lead a group of people that my children will grow up with their children and clearly see that being the church is not being a community organization for Christians but a radical movement to change lives!

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