A Redeemer and a King

Today’s sermon and discussion guide will tie together to conclude all of the multiple layers of themes that we have seen in the short book of Ruth. Take time in your group to review some of the things that we have learned so far.

  1. Life can present tragedies that seem almost too great to bear (Naomi loses her husband and sons to death within a few short years).
  2. Love for God can shine through in the midst of the bitterness of tragedy (Naomi’s testimony made a relationship with God seem worthwhile to Ruth.)
  3. Love is an action (Observed in the things that Ruth and Boaz do for others.)
  4. The righteous have insight when they see God at work in the lives of others (demonstrated by Boaz and Naomi’s recognition of God providing in the situations).

Today we will focus on the many ways that God provides for his people. He has already provided food and protection for Naomi and Ruth as they return destitute from the land of Moab. Today will we see that God not only provides for their practical needs, but he also provides for them a future and salvation.

Ruth 4

The story of Ruth ends with a genealogy. This genealogy traces the lineage from Perez to David through Boaz and Ruth. Perez was the son of Judah who was born to his daughter-in-law Tamar. Tamar has some similarities to Ruth in that she was foreigner married into lineage of Judah whose husband died, leaving her without a descendant. Tamar and Judah’s story is much more scandalous than Ruth and Boaz’, but the point of both stories is the same. God is fulfilling his promise to provide heirs to the house of Judah to inherit his land.

But there is an even greater promise being fulfilled for the line of Judah that is coming into focus. If you go back to the discussion guide from Ruth 1, we read a passage from Genesis 49.

Genesis 49:8-12

This blessing from Jacob to Judah foretells the king, David. David’s reign was the reason that the Book of Ruth was recorded for the Hebrew people. But we know that the promises of David’s reign were not completely fulfilled by David. Those promises were given by God to leave Israel…and the world….looking for a greater and permanent king from the line of David. Listen to the prophecy that the angel Gabriel gave to Mary in Luke 1:31-33

So we can draw a line from the Old Testament to the New Testament and see that that the story of God providing salvation and a future for Ruth points to God providing salvation and a future for us. WE BECOME PART OF THIS STORY THROUGH FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. 

Discussion Questions

  • What is a kinsman-redeemer?
  • What is the promise that Boaz is making to Ruth?
  • Why does Naomi have so much joy?
  • How does God demonstrate his faithfulness in Ruth 4?
  • What is the promise that God made to Judah?
  • What is the significance of David?
  • How does redeem not only individuals, but entire families?
  • What blessings has your family experienced from God’s faithfulness?
  • What has been the most impactful lesson from Ruth for you?
  • How does Jesus serve as our kinsman-redeemer?
  • What should it mean for us to serve Jesus as our King?