Bear One Another’s Burdens

There is much made throughout Galatians drawing a contrast between life by faith indwelled
with the Spirit of God and life according to the flesh that is identified with law. The only positive
thing that could be said about the law previously in Galatians was that it kept the nation
together in a way that pointed to Christ. The law of Moses was fulfilled by Jesus.

In Galatians 6:2 we are introduced to a law that is not according to the flesh but is completely in
step with the Spirit. This law binds the people of God today, but living according to this law
brings us life. This contrasts with the human law of the Judaizers, which rejected Christ and
brought hardship to those burdened with it.

Life on this earth brings burdens. The specific burdens spoken of in Galatians 6:2 are the sins
and moral failures of choices that brothers in church have made. This should not take a lot of
explanation. Many of the hardships I endure in life is the result of a choice that either I made or
someone else made.

It goes without saying that we would want to bear the burdens that result from no one’s
failure, but Paul is telling those who are in step with Spirit to go a step further and bear the
burdens of sin and failure.

We must remember that we are not doing anything that Jesus has not already accomplished.
The greatest picture of bearing burdens is the picture of Jesus carrying his cross to die in our
place. When we bear burdens, we are identifying with the salvation of Jesus. This is why
bearing burdens is a major part of the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Discussion Questions

  • What aspects of Jesus’ life and death demonstrate the carrying of burdens?
  • Which burdens of humanity has Jesus carried (Isaiah 53:4)?
  • How are Christians to follow the example of Jesus (Matthew 16:24)?
  • What burdens are we commanded to bear?
  • What is the law of Christ?
  • How is the law of Christ fundamentally different from the law of religion?
  • How have you seen Christians bearing burdens with one another?
  • What role does the “bearing of burdens” play in restoring someone caught in sin?
  • When have you needed someone to bear a burden with you?
  • How did the church minister to you in a time when you were burdened?
  • How do you think God intends for you to fulfill the law of Christ this week?