Dare To Act Scholarship Fund

PTSD is often only talked about in its most extreme forms. However, if you serve in Law Enforcement or get deployed in a combat arena through the military, there’s a good chance PTSD could affect your day-to-day life and relationships. The most common side effects are a decreased ability to connect emotionally, increased negativity and skepticism about life and relationships, and feelings of anger and anxiety at times that don’t make sense. These symptoms degrade a person’s quality of life and noticeably impact their relationships but are sadly never considered effects of a treatable disorder! People don’t realize it’s linked to PTSD, or they refuse to believe it’s PTSD because of the negative stigma associated with PTSD. This is why Venture started the Dare To Act Scholarship Fund. We want to remove the roadblocks and clear a path for people to get help.

The Dare To Act Scholarship Fund has been established to assist current and former law enforcement and military members struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Venture Church is committed to providing financial assistance and a pathway to evidence-based therapies that bring healing to the hearts and minds of our bravest.

This confidential process begins when you contact us using the information below. The process includes an assessment of your financial need and a screening from a licensed counselor. Afterward, you will be connected with a licensed professional in your area who is trained in evidence-based therapies to help you move toward healing. This highly confidential process will never be shared with anyone, including your employer or chain of command. In fact, the only people who will know are the ones you choose to tell.

Our highest aim is to provide you with the help you need and deserve. You do not have to carry this burden alone, we’ve got your six.