Galatians 1:1-5 Discussion Guide

Some scholars believe that Galatians is one of the first, if not the first, of the New Testament
books to be written. There is zero debate among any Biblical scholars. that it was written by the
Apostle Paul and that it reflects his concerns for the church in his day. Even some of the most
radically anti-Christian skeptics who study the New Testament accept this.

From a standpoint of what we should believe and why we should believe it, Galatians is a
lynchpin book of the Bible. We should have confidence that we are resting our faith in the exact
same objects as the people who heard Jesus’ teaching, saw him resurrected, and were
commissioned by him to build the church and write Scripture.
The subject matter of Galatians s relevant to us for a second reason. Paul chief concern for the
churches that lived less than twenty years after the resurrection of Jesus was that were
forgetting on a practical level the Gospel that had been declared to them. They were in danger
of abandoning faith in favor of religion. This is exactly the same danger that every generation of
Christians since Paul, including our own, has faced.
Read together the opening of Galatians. Ask a few questions about the text to get started.
Why does Paul introduce himself the way that he does?
What is Paul proclaiming about Jesus from the very outset?
What does Paul believe was Jesus’ purpose?
Who are the churches?
What is the relationship of the churches to God?
Why did Jesus have to die?
For what purpose did Jesus rescue the church?

Galatians 1:1-5

Discussion Questions

  • Why might Paul be facing claims against his being an apostle?
  • What is the importance of being sure that you are sent out by God and not by man?
  • How does having a high view of Jesus’ work give you a proper view of yourself?
  • What does it matter whether we believe Paul was sent by God or by man?
  • What is the difference between religion and faith?
  • Is leadership about accumulating honor and titles or is it about giving of yourself for others?
  • How does Jesus serve as Paul’s master in the way that Paul functions as an apostle?
  • How can you use your salvation for the glory of God this week?