Venture is Pro-Life from conception to Heaven; therefore, we not only want to see abortion eradicated, but we also want to help mothers and children who are in crisis.  The most pronounced way we do this is through the financial and volunteer support we provide to two incredible organizations.

Least of These Carolina's purpose is to identify and service the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and their caregivers, primarily focusing on children in foster/kinship care. Through a community effort of local churches, businesses, and caring citizens, applying the Biblical principle of helping those in need to glorify God. 

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Gaston and Lincoln Counties are nonprofit pro-life organizations of committed Christians that share the gospel of Jesus Christ and actively help women, men, and families in crisis pregnancy situations.  CPC’s most significant work is counseling parents in seemingly difficult situations with a pregnancy. The goal is to help parents know the value of their unborn child and their own value to God. They supply parents with all kinds of material support, including diapers and food.  They even offer compassionate counseling for women who decide to have an abortion but then later struggle with the memory of terminating their pregnancy.