Lenten Devotional #3 • Justin Whitener

Read Luke 11:29-32

Bill Engvall was a hilarious comedian I could relate to growing up in the mid 90’s.  Here is one of his jokes: “a trucker gets his truck stuck under an overpass, and the responding policeman asks “Hey, you get your truck stuck?” Without missing a beat, the trucker answers, “No sir, I was delivering that overpass and I ran out of gas.”  Then he would deliver his famous tag line, “Here’s your sign.”

Mr. Engvall may have gotten this idea from Jesus after reading Luke 11:29-32.  First, Jesus mentions a couple big names from the Old Testament: Jonah and Solomon. Jonah was a prophet trying to run from God’s command and was in a fish for 3 days, ultimately delivering God’s message to Nineveh, and the people repent.  Solomon was a king of Israel and was the wisest man in the world (book of Proverbs).  

Jesus is telling these the crowds of people that HE IS THE SIGN.  He didn’t need to perform a gimmick or song and dance to prove this to them.  Jesus says himself that he is better than Solomon and people would travel to hear Solomon speak.  Now the true Wise Man is here and people question him and ask for a sign.  Jesus was and is the ultimate prophet!  He followed all of God’s commands, to the point of dying on a cross for you and me.

Are you going to repent today like Nineveh did or are you going to ask for a sign when Jesus is calling you?  Here’s your sign!

Justin Whitener