Love is Patient

In the first two chapters of Ruth we have seen the loving characters of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. The love they exhibit is not tied strictly to feeling or emotion, but to faith in knowing the character of God. 

In Ruth 3 we begin to see some action taken out of the preexisting character of love that is already seen in these God-followers. We start to see a plan form and to take shape for how love might actually lead to redemption for Naomi, Ruth and the bloodline of Elimilech.

Ruth 3

Patience is perhaps the least popular and most misunderstood of all virtues. Think about all of the things we say that can malign the virtue of patience.

  • If it’s worth having, it’s worth having NOW.
  • I deserve this.
  • I can’t depend on ________ to follow through with their commitments.
  • Who’s looking out for me?
  • Being patient is an excuse for laziness.

The unmistakable quality of love that is demonstrated in Ruth 3 is patience. Ruth and Naomi make a plan and put the plan into action. But Ruth also trusts that the love of Boaz will make her patience worthwhile. 

Meanwhile, Boaz, because he is a righteous man, follows the law in the way that brings Ruth “under his wings.” He puts his desires behind what is best for Ruth and for the community. This is the essence of love.

Discussion Questions

  • What makes patience so difficult?
  • What is the difference between being patient and sticking your head in the sand?
  • How do you know that Ruth was patient and proactive at the same time?
  • How is Boaz’ righteousness demonstrated in this chapter?
  • How does Ruth demonstrate trust in Boaz?
  • Why do you think Ruth believed she could trust Boaz?
  • What character traits in Boaz made him deserve Ruth’s trust?
  • How is it possible to discern who we can trust and who we shouldn’t trust?
  • Why is patience important in the development of trust?
  • In what area of your life do you need to develop patience?
  • What will patience look like in that area of your life?