17 February 2019
Series: Grace


Bible Passage: Romans 5:1-5

How is God’s grace practical in daily living? Let’s start with its effect in suffering!


Christ’s death (Grace!) has established two permanent realities for all who have faith in Him. (Romans 5:1-2)

  • Christ’s death satisfied the wrath of God on our sin and established peace with God as the reality of our relationship with Him. (5:1)
  • Christ’s death created access to God as a permanent reality for all His favored children! (5:2)

The peace and access we have with God through Christ (Grace) provides us the opportunity to experience two of life’s most motivational forces – joy and hope! (Romans 5:3-5)


Are you laying hold of the opportunity suffering is bringing you to experience the supernatural gift grace bridges you to (JOY and HOPE), or are you rebelling against God and missing it.

Study Notes