The Best Is Yet To Come!

How would you live your life today if you knew that tomorrow was going to be the greatest day imaginable? Join us as we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and dig into Romans 8:18-25. #DareToVenture

The Best Is Yet To Come!


Christ’s resurrection guarantees that no matter how crazy or hard this life becomes, all who surrendered their life to Him can fight the good fight with the joyful anticipation that what Christ promised is incomparably better and coming!


Do you believe the best is yet to come and that Christ’s death, burial and resurrection guarantees it for you? Are you allowing the knowledge of what is to come to motivate you to stand strong and live in glad submission to Christ, or do you believe the best life you can ever have is now and thus justifying your allegiance to lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life?

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One thought on “The Best Is Yet To Come!

  1. 1BELLA says:

    I was talking with Tommy George. He told me of Venture’s Easter Sermon and to watch. I did and was impressed at the down home feeling of Austin’s message and the overall reaction I had. When we talk again, I will tell him that I did so watch Austin, the musicians, and ministry outreach to all after. Blessings to all at Venture everyday. Thank you.

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