New Trustee Appointment

Eric Plemmons

We’re blessed at Venture to have Trustees who have the spiritual maturity and special skills and experience to help plan, execute, and monitor our finances rigorously.  As a group, they work diligently throughout the year to help us ensure we’re being God-honoring and wise in our finances.

The Pastors of Venture enthusiastically recommend Eric Plemmons to the church to serve as our newest Trustee.

Eric’s Testimony

Though I don’t have a dynamic testimony, being a church attender most of my life, my heart transformation solidified my position as a child of God and my eternity in His Kingdom.

As a young child, I attended church with my mother at Pleasant View Baptist in Morganton, NC. As I got older, I started attending church with a very close friend at Hartland Missionary Methodist in Morganton. This church had a very spiritual atmosphere. On a Sunday morning service in the summer of 1977, at age 12, during an alter call, I walked down to the front of the church with my friend, and we got “saved” – be it an emotional response, not a heart response. Though I was really on fire for the Lord right after this experience, the feeling slowly went away. Without any mentoring, discipleship, or studying of the Word, my heart was not changed. After a couple of years, I began to drift away from church during high school and college. I went many years thinking I had been “saved” that summer of 1977 at age 12, but I was living a life that did not demonstrate that decision.

After getting married to Leslie in August 1987, I began to realize how my life was falling short as a Christian. We attended a couple of different churches going to Sunday School and Worship Services. We began to regularly attend Winkler’s Grove Baptist Church in Hickory. On November 8, 1992, at Winkler’s Grove, while evangelist Scott Price was preaching at a revival, I gave my heart to Jesus and accepted Him as my personal Savior and Lord. I got baptized shortly after my decision; the old self was no longer on the throne of my life and the void in my heart had been filled. Since that time, the Lord has given me immense direction as I strive to be more like Him each day by loving and serving others. I have a servant’s heart and work hard to practice servant leadership in both my professional and personal life. Through that, God has given me the opportunity over the past 30 years to serve local churches in the capacities of Sunday School teacher, building, and grounds committee, finance committee member and chair, personnel committee, small group leader, deacon, and trustee.

God has given me my greatest blessings through my family. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. We have two sons, Zachary (age 32) and Nicholas (age 28), who are now attending Venture at the Dallas campus. Zachary is married to Emily, and they have two daughters Ava (age 8) and Eloise (age 3). Nicholas is married to Hailey, and they have a daughter Milli (age 3), and a son, Miles, recently born on January 20, 2023. 

I have worked in operations and human resources management for over 30 years. I currently work as Human Resources Director for Beverly Knits in Gastonia, NC.

Venture will be voting in all 3 services on this appointment on February 12th.

If you have any questions or concerns about Eric’s appointment to the Trustee Board, please contact Pastor Chris Mintz at or 704-922-3763.