Preparing for Tribulation

One of the interesting phenomena in America is the industry that has built up around people who are preparing for a doomsday scenario which ordinary people with ordinary provisions could not survive. The people preparing for the end of the world are so interesting that they were the subject of a reality TV series a few years ago.

When everything goes downhill, I will hope that I have some good friends who are preppers. While most people’s minds go to the physical preparations of food and security, God is much more interested in the spiritual preparations that his children are making to face tribulation. 

Daniel 12 is one final difficult-to-understand passage from the prophecies. Some people believe the events being prophesied have already taken place in history, while others believe that it is a prediction of a future antichrist. Regardless of the interpretation of the fulfillment of the prophecy, it’s message for God’s people is the same. Tribulation is guaranteed throughout history for the people of God. But God’s salvation extends beyond the temporary nature of the tribulation.

Daniel 12 Scripture Link

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think is meant in verse 1 by people “whose name is written in the book?”
  • How does verse one give you confidence that God knows and saves you personally?
  • What do verses 2 and 3 teach us about resurrection?
  • How should future resurrection change our view of present tribulation?
  • What is the significance of Daniel “sealing the book” until the time of the end in verse 4?
  • Do you think the answer to the question of “how long” in verse 6 satisfied those who heard it?
  • Why are we not given the specifics of when the “time of the end” will come?
  • Where is the hope in this prediction of a tribulation for God’s people?
  • Why is it significant that God gives a measure of the tribulation that numbers in days?
  • What do you think God’s goal is for his people as they endure tribulation?
  • Should we enhance our security in light of Daniel 12?
  • What steps should we take to be spiritually prepared for tribulation as it comes?